Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, for the year 2009 reported 235,778 traffic crashes that resulted in 2,563 deaths. Even the most careful and Conscientious drivers may become the victims of another motor vehicle operator under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, driver fatigue, aggressive driving, distracted drivers, or adverse weather conditions. Fortunately, Reyes, O’Shea & Coloca know the laws that were created to protect individuals, such as yourself, from suffering even further as a result of negligent drivers. Laws are in place to protect you from negligent drivers.

Victims of these negligent drivers are entitled to compensation. Our team of lawyers is experienced in litigation and negotiation. We can help you recover from the financial impact that a motor vehicle accident can cause as a result of property damage, medical bills and lost wages. We have been successful against the insurance companies and individuals and we can fight for you.

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